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Women's Ministries Banquet 2008 - Gym Set up
  Crew Chief Tom Amos giving "floor plan instructions" to Bill and Mavis Sager, Bob Miller, Abner Gomez and John Palsgrove  
   Paul Remington and Abner Gomez are not so sure the plan will work.  
   Bob Miller and Abner Gomez begin working the plan.  
   Mavis Sager and Janet Tooley are making their point.  
  Cheri Palmer and May Pierson adding some details to the table set up.  
   Mavis and Janet add the scare crow to the stage.  
   Janet and Louise Cagle preparing table center pieces.  
  The tables are all set up.  
   It is starting to come together now with the garden bench all decorated.  
   The photo garden is ready.  
   The stage is all decorated.  
   So it must be time for the food.  
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