Avon Park Seventh-day Adventist Church

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Members Attending 2008 - 1
  Ray and Darlene Rouse, Marvella Tachenko, Doris Lee, Roland Lee, Mike Tachenko, Helen and Glenn Rice  
  Jerry and Rose Medanich, Robert Smith, Shirley Smith, Dorothy Williams, Lou Britton, Rhoda Straw  
  Bill and Catherine Farmer  
  Bill and Mavis Sager, Fay Campbell, Walter Tate, Bobbie and Bob Dodd  
  Carol and Leo Christensen  
  Glena and Ed Scott  
  Tom and Carole Seifert  
  Vickie Boling  
  Dottie and Ron Goodall  
  Naomi Zalabak and Faye Welter  
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