Avon Park Seventh-day Adventist Church

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  Registration Table - Cheri Palmer and Carol Palsgrove  
  Entertainer - June Hunt  
  Entertainers - Joan Ryan and Emil Moldrick  
  Table Decorations by Cindy Alsabrook  
  President George Carlson Welcomes Members  
  Pastor Paul Boling delivers the Devotional Thoughts  
  Cheri Palmer presenting the Minutes of the previous meeting  
  John Palsgrove presenting the Financial Report  
  Members elected a new Board Member - Carol Christensen  
  Members elected another new Board Member - Kathie Foll  
  One group of Members attending  
  Another group of Members attending  
  Caterer's preparing the meal - Ana Garcia, Robert Garcia, Eddie Cardona  
  Caterer's being recognized by the Members - Ana Garcia, Eddie Cardona, Robert Garcia, Sr, Robert Garcia, Jr.  
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