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Committee of 100 Banquet 2018
  The Committee of 100 Board Members thank you for supporting our Church and School.  We hope you enjoy the brief overview of our 2018 Annual Banquet and Program  
  Presentation of the Colors by WMA Students and Drum Corp  
  WMa Drum Corp  
  Members Stand for the Presentation of the Colors and the National Anthem  
  Committee of 100 President Dr. Lita Gensolin Welcomes Members  
  Pastor Paul prepares for the Invocation  
  Treasurer Tom Amos presents the Financial Report  
  Mia Seralde presents a Message from a WMA Student  
  International Food Asian Style  
  International Food Spanish and European Style  
  International Food American Style  
  Members choosing their Cuisine  
  Members waiting for their turn to eat  
  Luis Zapata-Spanish Singer  
  Ralph and Amalia Rodriguez-Spanish Singers  
  Teresa Mariano-European Singer  
  Hannily Hardin explaining "Tinikling"  
  WMA Students begin "Tinikling"   
  Razelle Temana and Josh Camino during "Tinikling"  
  Trish Paradero and Erick Temana doing "Tinikling"  
  Josh Camino, Razelle Temana, Trish Paradero and Erick Temana  
  Filipino Group observing "Tinikling"  
  Drs. Gensolin observe Josh Camino as he prepares "Tinikling" with Keijo Hardin manning the pipes  
  Ben Turner-American Singer  
  Ben Turner-American Signer  
  Ben Turner leading "God Bless America"  
  Small Group during "God Bless America"  
  Overview of Attendees