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Creation Health - Basket Full of Health Resources
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http://www.pathwaytohealth.org/ Learn more about sharing the love of God by providing free medical, dental, and vision services to the great cities of the world.
http://www.pathwaytohealthvolunteer.org/  Sign up to volunteer to share the love of God at an upcoming event.
CHIP (Complete Health Improvement Program)...Dr. Hans Diehl ....Speaker / Originator of CHIP gave talks at the Avon Park SDA Church on 5-30-15. 
  Please double click on Dr. Hans Diehl's name to view the 5-30-15 program at our AP SDA church.  You will need to scroll down on that link.
In October of 2015 there will be a CHIP program offered at the Lake Placid SDA Church.  Dates and details will be provided when known
Very short minute bites of Health Videos sponsored by the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventist church.  
Vibrant Life Magazine...Magazine Pulished by Pacific Press of Seventh day Adventists focusing on Health and Relationships.  Available now for checkout at the AP SDA Church Library.  
Media Releases - A Variety of events sponsored by different groups on Health on different topics. Florida Hospital Announces Caregiver Burnout Seminar.  
Creation Health Avon Park Church Team 2014-2015 - A Group of Health minded individuals volunteering to promote Health. Please double click on a name to send a Creation Health Team member an email with a question or comment related to Creation Health.  Team members include Mona Petrovich, Warren Santander, Brenda Garza, Pastor Geston Pierre, Karl Janetzko,  Doris Lee, Dennis Meleti and Pastor Frank Gonzalez.  
First Aid Kit and oxygen located in the decons room.  PLEASE ask a deacon or Mona Petrovich if you are in need of assistance.
An AED (Automated External Device) is located in the main foyer located on the right wall as one enters the Sanctuary.  Please click this link for brief videos on use of AED.  PLEASE note that any bystander in good judgement can use the AED  in case of emergency under Florida law and be covered by the GOOD SAMARITAN ACT.  Please click on this link for this ACT details.