Avon Park Seventh-day Adventist Church

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Pastor Frank Gonzalez's First Day Visit
  Men's Group with Special Music  
  Dennis Meliti Introducing Pastor Tim Nichols  
  Pastor Nichols Introducing Pastor Frank and Evelyn Gonzalez  
  Evelyn and Pastor Frank  
  Dedication Pray with Dennis Meliti and Elders  
  Pastor Frank presenting the Sermon  
  At the Meliti's after the Service  
  Pastor Frank and Karl Janetzko  
  Hostesses Debbie Meliti and Donna Janetzko  
  Phyllis Amos, Dianna Chizmas, Gisela Janetzko, Steve Chizmas
  Kayleigh Amos, Pyllis Amos, Evelyn Gonzalez  
  Pastor George Brown and Pastor Frank Gonzalez  
  Zeljka Montero and Debbie Meliti