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Amos 50th Wedding Anniversary
  The Amos Surprise Celebration

On June 10, 2012 our children, spouses and grandchildren surprised us with a wonderful 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration.  This was done at the Avon Park Seventh-day Adventist Church.
The pictures are a story of the events of that day though all are not in the actual sequence of occurence.

We were not able to get a photo of all participants but we are happy for your presence at the event.
  The Church Sign as we arrived at the Church.  
  The Fellowship Hall decorated and waiting for our arrival.  
  Our response as we first viewed the Fellowship Hall  
  Then as we came into the Hall  
  Viewing the Scrapbook prepared by Jennifer Amos and friends  
  Family with Mavis Sager  
  Nancy Manz, Tom, Kurt, Roy Orr  
  Sheryl and John McClellan, Bill Sager, Becky Farrens  
  Roland John (Tom's Academy Supervisor 55 years ago), Tom  
  A wonderful spread by Ana Garcia  
  Virginia Cranfill, Tom, Brenda Garza, Bill Sager  
  Cathy Watts, Carol Stutz  
  Tom, Ruth Wright  
  Many Friends  
  More Friends  
  Fred Neigel, Tom, Harold Johnson, Gladys Neigel  
  Trenton Frost, Kurt Amos, Oriana Frost  
  Tom, Terri and Stanley Wells  
  Ruth Wright, Myrna and Burton Wright  
  Marty Couillard, Joan Blair, Eva Mae Feldman, Bonnie Hannah  
  Robert Smith, Joyce Locken, Linda and Bob Catron  
  Donna and Karl Janetzko, Vickie Boling  
  Elder George Brown, Gloria Armstrong  
  Tom, Ron Goodall  
  Mardian Blair, Glady Gomez, Remy Tortal, Tom  
  Jim Armstrong, Phyllis  
  Tom, Abner and Gladys Gomez  
  Deanie Lauer, Phyllis, Percy Tamayo, Jim Armstrong  
  Tom, Sharon Tamayo  
  Susie Lagabon, Katelyn Amos, Mindy Amos, Deanie Lauer, Phyllis  
  Fay Welter, Tom  
  Phyllis, Dee Bond, Joyce New  
  Deanie Lauer, Phyllis, Jack Northcutt  
  Ron and Cathy Watts, Kyle Amos  
  Phyllis, Gisela Janetzko, Donna Janetzko  
  Carol Phillips, Tom  
  Phyllis, Ron Goodall  
  Phyllis, Kay Cann  
  Bill and Jill Haupt  
  Tom, Ron and Cathy Watts, Bill Peters  
  John Palsgrove, Phyllis  
  Tom and Phyllis, Norm and Lita Gensolin  
  Maria McEachnie, Ana Garcia -- Caterers  
  Tom and Kurt  
  Tom and Brent  
  Kurt and Jenn  
  Brent and Kurt  
  Mindy and Kirsten  
  Katelyn, Phyllis, Tom  
  Tom, Brent and Mindy  
  Mindy and Phyllis  
  John Lauer, Eva Mae Feldman, Deanie Lauer (Tom's sister)