Avon Park Seventh-day Adventist Church

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Committee of 100 - 2012
  President Abe Lim welcomes the members  
  A few of the members at the tables  
  John Palsgrove gave a report on the Maranatha Trip to the Jewish Synagogue in St. Petersburg, FL  
  Individual or Family Members  
  Myrna and Burton Wright  
  Kerry and Remy Tortal  
  Bob and Kathie Foll  
  Bob Catron  
  Naomi Zalabak and Fay Welter  
  Doris and Roland Lee  
  Cheri Palmer  
  Henrietta Arvidson  
  Harry Bennett  
  Hannah Eppel  
  May Pierson  
  Edgel and Carol Phillips  
  Yvonne and Clifton Kahler  
  Marian Hart  
  Carol and John Palsgrove  
  Kyle and Amanda Sager  
  Carol and Leo Christensen  
  Vickie and Pastor Boling  
  Burton and Clara Cox  
  Mavis and Bill Sager  
  Phyllis and Tom Amos  
  Mae Kemink  
  Carmelita and Abe Lim  
  Norman and Lita Gensolin  
  James Dalida  
  Emerita Gramonte  
  Placido and Nida Roquiz  
  Ampy and Pascual Vicente  
  Ana Garcia and Maria McEachnie