Avon Park Seventh-day Adventist Church

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AHS Former CEO'S Reunion 2012
  Friday Night, Church Fellowship Hall  
  Caterer Ana Garcia getting food ready  
  Jack Northcutt, Phyllis Amos  
  Joan and Mardian Blair, Tom Amos  
  Bob Burchard  
  Vickie Boling, Lois Northcutt, Jim Thompson, Lois Thompson, Ann Burchard  
  (Facing) Bill Sager, Pastor Paul Boling, Warren Santander, Mardian Blair, Joan Blair, Tom Amos, Phyllis Amos  
  Bill Sager, Lois Northcutt, Jim Thompson, Ann Burchard, Mavis Sager, Jim Armstrong  
  Mardian Blair, Pastor Paul Boling, Vickie Bolilng, Ann Burchard  
  Lois Thompson, Jim Armstrong, Bob Burchard, Bill Sager  
  Mavis Sager, Warren Santander  
  Lois Northcutt, Jim Thompson, Lois Thompson, Ann Burchard, Bob Burchard  
  Vickie Boling, Lois Thompson, Ann Burchard, Bob Burchard, Bill Sager, Mavis Sager, Jim Armstrong  
  Bill Haupt, Vicike Boling, Mardian Blair, Tom Amos, Jim Armstrong  
  Sabbath Afternoon, Osborne Youth Center  
  Sharon Werner, Patti Wade  
  Lois Thompson, Mavis Sager  
  Ann Burchard, Phyllis Amos  
  Joan Blair, Jill Haupt  
  Lois Northcutt  
  Bill Sager, Tom Werner  
  Bob Burchard, Bob Wade  
  Jim Armstrong, Jim Thompson, Mardian Blair  
  Jack Northcutt  
  Jerry Medanich  
  Tom Amos, Bob Wade, Jim Thompson, Bob Burchard, Mardian Blair, Bill Sager, Jim Armstrong, Jack Northcutt,
Tom Werner, Jerry Medanich, Bill Haupt
  Front Row-Phyllis Amos, Lois Thompson, Ann Burchard, Lois Northcutt, Jill Haupt,
Middle Row-Bill Haupt, Patti Wade, Jim Thompson, Mardian Blair, Joan Blair, Jim Armstrong, Mavis Sager, Sharon Werner, Tom Werner, Tom Amos
Back Row-Bob Wade, Bob Burchard, Bill Sager, Jack Northcutt, Jerry Medanich
  Saturday Night, Florida Hospital Heartland Division  
  Noel Figuerres, Guest Artist  
  Tim Cook, FHHD CEO, presenting Devotional  
  Jamie Bateman, FHHD Director of Development, presenting Development Program  
  Warren Santander. VP Lake Placid Medical Center, presenting FHHD Mission Trip  
  Bob Wade  
  Bill Haupt, Jill Haupt, Mavis Sager, Joan Blair, Mardian Blair, Bill Sager   
  Jim Thompson, Lois Thompson, Warren Santander, Jamie Bateman, Tim Cook, Ashleigh Amos, Pastor Ryan Amos
The Amoses here are not related to Tom Amos (as far as we know)
  Jack Northcutt, Lois Northcutt, Tom Amos, Phyllis Amos, Patti Wade, Bob Wade, Jim Armstrong, Ann Burchard,
Bob Burchard
  The hospital graciously served pizza, salad, and soda for our meal. In addition they gave us boxed golf "toys".