Avon Park Seventh-day Adventist Church

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AHS Former CEO's 2011
Friday night was a time of re-acquainting and refreshment
  Henry and Marjorie Scoggins  
  Dan Sanderford and Bob Harris  
  Bob and Betty Scott   
   John McClelland and Beverly Wilson  
  Pat Harris and Marie Sanderford   
   Jan Rushing and Jim Thompson  
   Bill Wilson and back of Betty Scott  
   Food prepared by Caterer Ana Garcia  
  (near table) Guests Rhea and Susan Harvey, Phyllis Amos, Jim Armstrong, Sheryl and John McClellan, Gloria Armstrong  
    Ana Garcia, Bob Harris, Bob Scott, Betty Scott, Henry Scoggins, Marjorie Scoggins  
   Beverly Wilson, Bob Scott, Henry Scoggins, Bob Burchard, Bill Sager, Mardian Blair, Bill Wilson, Ana Garcia  
   Joan Blair, Jim Armstrong, Mardian Blair  
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