Avon Park Seventh-day Adventist Church

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AHS Former CEO's 2010
   Pat Harris, Jean Welch, Jim Culpepper, Judy Culpepper, Marie Sanderford, Bob Burchard, Ann Burchard  
   Joan Blair, Mardian Blair, Bob Harris  
   Pat Harris, Jean Welch, Judy Culpepper, Jim Culpepper (background)  
   Judy Culpepper, Jim Culpepper, Ann Burchard, Bob Burchard, Jean Welch, Pastor Paul Boling  
   Bill Sager, Joan and Mardian Blair, Jim and Gloria Armstrong, Mavis Sager, Phyllis Amos  
   Dan and Marie Sanderford, Pat and Bob Harris, George and Lois Walper, Lois and Jack Northcutt  
   Bill Sager presents Jim Culpepper an award for fartherest distance travelled to get here.  
   Bill Sager presents Bob Burchard an award for second fartherest distance travelled to get here.  
   Jim Armstrong examining the "goody" bag like every couple received.  
   Jean Welch showing some of what was in the "goody" bag.