Avon Park Seventh-day Adventist Church

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Pifer Farewell Set 3
  Bill Peters, Alma Craig, Carol Remington, Myrna Wright  
  Another view of some of the Guests  
  Paul Remington  
  Harriet Johnson  
  Ron Watts, Larry and Linda Hofmann, Bob and Kathy Foll  
  Burton Wright, Jean Fitch, Rose Seagle, Joyce and Chalmer  
  Eliane and Joseph Flaquel  
  Shirley Reinhardt, Lenora Copsey, Rose Frood, Don Copsey   
  Bob Ingram, Harry Bennett   
   Harold Johnson  
  Bob Ingram, Walter Tate   
  Pastor Paul   
   Vickie Boling, Kathlyn Myers  
  Georgia Jones   
  Mary and Rogers Henderson   
  Haskell Jones   
  Joyce, Brenda Garza, Chalmer   
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