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Pifer Farewell Set 2
  Tom and Phyllis Amos  
  Larry Hofmann  
  Walter Tate, Roland Lee, Bill Sager  
  Overview of some of Guests  
  Dottie Goodall, Aileen Thompson  
  A Friend and Ralph Thompson  
  Kathyln Myers, Ken Bogar, Grace Rutt, Goldie Bogar, Carlene Ayars, Remy Tortal, Glenna Ingram  
  Mary and Dick Atwell, Rose Frood  
  Don Ealy, A Friend, Pauline Jensen  
  Faye Campbell, Don and Judy Ealy   
  Shirley and Rudy Reinhardt   
   Jerry and Annie Malabrigo  
   Myrna Wright, A Friend, Joyce and Chalmer  
   Percy and Sharon Tamayo  
   Andras and Erika Szoke  
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