Avon Park Seventh-day Adventist Church

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Pifer Farewell
  Registration Table  
  Food Table  
  Remy Tortal and Mavis Sager  
  Kathlyn Myers  
  Joyce New and Hannah Eppel  
  Marcella Sheperd and Goldie Bogar  
  Mavis Sager, Goldie Bogar, Carlene Ayars  
  Doris Lee, Carol Christensen, Aldo Holness, Leo Christensen  
  Imogene and Hugh Sheperd  
   Miss Thompson  
   Joyce and Chalmer  
   Rose and Reg Frood, Ralph Thompson and a Friend  
   Brenda Garza, Virginia Cranfill  
   Joyce New and a Friend from Parish Nursing  
   Faye Campbell, Ron Watts  

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