Avon Park Seventh-day Adventist Church

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Those Attending - 1
  Bill Sager, Ron Watts  
  Phyllis Amos, Mavis Sager, John Bedell  
  Jim and Gloria Armstrong, Glenna Ingram  
  James Davis, Jan and Aubrey Fautheree  
  Doris Smith, Maria Chandler, Rose and Reg Frood  
  Ray Tangunan, Burton and Myrna Wright, Cherrie Fox  
  Lenora McDowall, Diana Clemons  
  Don and Lisa Richards  
  Pastor Paul and Vickie Boling, Gladys and Abner Gomez  
  Walter Tate, Wanda Hayes, June Parsley  
  Jeannette Zesch, Grandma Walz, Kaylene Walz, Cassie Cook  
  Bill Shaw, Alva Holness, Marilyn Justesen, Harry Bennett, Jr.  
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