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Door Prizes
  Carol Christensen checking door prizes  
  Center Pieces that were also door prizes  
  Grand door prize-reprint of painting by Trenton Frost  
  Artist Trenton Frost explains origin of painting with Bill Sager and Carol Christensen
Prize was awarded to Earl and Marie Ward at end of evening (picture not available)
                               Carol and Dr. John Palsgrove                       Faye Cambell and Carol  
                                 Cindy Alsabrook and Carol                         Bill Sager, Hazel Henry, Carol   
                                    Jerry Medanich                                         Georgia Jones, Carol  
                                       Grace Rutt                                                Lydia Santander  
                                   Walter Tate, Carol                                                Jerry Justesen  
                                       Dr. Lita Lim                                                    Vera Prokop  
                           Sue Kaarlela, Carol, Gary Kaarlela                      Helen and Dr. Glenn Rice, Carol  
                                      Carol, Bill Farmer                                           Hannah Eppel, Carol  
                                     Carol, Roland Lee                                Trenton Frost, Carol, Orianna Frost  
                             Ron Goodall, Carol, Dottie Goodall             Mary Alice White, Carol, David White  
                            Evalena and Hollis Mancil, Carol                         Burton and Myrna Wright  
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