Avon Park Seventh-day Adventist Church

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Friday Evening Reception 1
  Ann and Bob Burchard  
  Mavis Sager and Maryann Mitchell  
  Unnamed by request  
  Chip Mitchell  
  Chip Mitchell and Bill Sager  
  Bob Scott, Ann Burchard, Mardian Blair, Betty Scott, unnamed by request, Bob Burchard, Joann Blair  
  Bob Scott, Mardian Blair, Betty Scott  
  Mardian Blair, Patsy Rushing, Jan Rushing, Bill Sager  
   Joan Blair, Mardian Blair, Tim Cook, Jan Rushing  
   Jan Rushing, Bill Sager  
   Gloria Armstrong, Maryann Mitchell, Jim Armstrong, Connie Grove, Ann Burchard  
   Patsy Rushing, Bill Sager, Betty Scott, Phyllis Amos  
   Pat Harris, Sheryl McClellan, John McClellan, Bob Harris, Mardian Blair, Chip Mitchell  
   Jim Armstrong, Gloria Armstrong, Homer Grove, Connie Grove  
   Bill Sager, Bob Harris, Pat Harris, Chip Mitchell  
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