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Women's Ministries Banquet 2008 - Participants 1
  Lisette Marasigan and Ashlyn Sankar  
  Kathlyn Myers  
  Alta Novy, Glena Scott, May Pierson, Dotty Davidson, and Virginia Davidson  
  Michelle Fedder and Mavis Sager  
  With her friends, Monica Preddie  
  Melissa and Julie Juarbe  
  Vickie Boling, Cheryl Brandt, Marvella Tachenko, Katie Tirico, Naomi Zalabak and Remy Tortal  
  Karen Berry and Toni Benchina  
  Audio Visual Technician Michael and Jessica Baker  
  Dorie Roa and Mom, Dely Correces  
  Debbie Meliti, Carol Harding and Mavis Sager  
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